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Pintarnya Digital Services: Your reliable partner to scale your business

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Pintarnya Digital Services is a Crowd Management Platform that connects businesses with 2 million+ talented freelancers to elevate your growth.

We work with Indonesia's largest brands and marketing agencies supporting their Awareness, Acquisition and Activation campaigns. As part of the Pintarnya ecosystem, we have a trusted relationship with millions of Indonesian consumers (representing billions of preferences and behaviors!) whom we introduce our business partner to.

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Elevate your business with our support
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Media Branding

Media Branding

Optimize the visibility of your business and engage your audiences through:

  • Social Media
  • Apps
  • Website and O-Store
  • Google Business
Digital Activation

Digital Activation

Turn uncertain outcomes to reliable results:

  • CPI (Cost per Install)
  • CPR (Cost per Register)
  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • CPL (Cost per Lead)
  • CPS (Cost per Sales)
Crowd Management

Crowd Management

Organize mass event participation to boost brand awareness:

  • Offline Events
  • Online Events
Survey & Acquisition

Survey & Acquisition

Defend and grow your market position & market share:

  • Market Research & Questionnaire
  • Remote Surveying & Retail Audit
  • Product and Service Review (F2F)
  • Merchant Acquisition


Power your business growth with Pintarnya's ecosystem of 2million+ freelancers

2 million+ Talented Freelancers
Affordable & Rapid Implementation
Demographically targeted users
High Impact Results


Digital Activation

Digital Activation

5000+ KYC-verified users acquired for a Top-3 Indonesian Digital Bank within 1 month

Survey & Acquisition

Survey & Acquisition

2000+ survey respondents provided product preference insights to an International Financial Institution considering entering Indonesia

Media Branding

Media Branding

40,000+ users supported a Top-5 Digital Lending platform in Indonesia to boost Google Play rankings for top searched keywords

Program Participants

Program Participants

250 users participated in an Instagram Reels competition for one of Indonesia’s largest media platforms


Our commitment to excellence is bolstered by our strong partnerships with industry-leading organizations

and many more!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Pintarnya Digital Services customize services according to our goals and audience?
Is Pintarnya Digital Services trustable?
Does Pintarnya Digital Services offer a free trial?
Is my confidential information safe with Pintarnya Digital Services?
Is Pintarnya Digital Services suitable for my business?
What is the typical timeframe to see the impact or results from your services?
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How to get started with Pintarnya Digital Services?
How to Increase Product/Business Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation with the Pintarnya Digital Service

Pintarnya Digital Services is a Crowd Management Platform that connects businesses with hundreds of thousands of skilled freelancers to elevate Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation.

Why is Awareness Important for Your Business?

In an increasingly competitive business world, awareness of your brand and products is the primary key to standing out among a sea of competitors. Without an adequate level of awareness, customers might potentially remain unaware of the existence of your business and the quality of the products or services you offer.

How Crowd Management from Pintarnya Digital Service can Help Your Business?

Crowd management itself has rapidly developed into an effective tool for increasing awareness, acquisition or even business activation. By integrating crowd management into your marketing strategy, you can create a positive customer experience, ensure events or locations run smoothly, while simultaneously introducing your brand to a wider audience.

What Services Can I Get from Pintarnya Digital Service?

Pintarnya Digital Services offers digital activation services that include Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation scopes with four main pillars that can assist your business in achieving desired goals, as follows:

Media Branding

By optimizing business visibility, the products or businesses you engage in will be easily discovered by many people. This optimization process can be done through:

  • Social Media

Real account social media follower services such as Instagram followers, TikTok followers, and even Shopee followers are provided to make your business more recognized among various demographics and gain more trust from consumers. The effectiveness of social media marketing today is greatly influenced by the number of followers and likes obtained. Services like permanent follower addition are cost-effective and highly efficient compared to organic methods. Along with followers, likes, comments, posts, and social media sharing services are often needed to support the performance of the content created by your business. Real Organic Instagram Growth service must be one of the ways to help businesses achieve their targets. High-performing social media content will lead to successful outcomes in terms of Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation.

  • Play Store & App Store Optimization

Many businesses today rely on applications to operate. However, for an app to be well-known and downloaded by many, app optimization is crucial for easy searchability.

App download and app rating services are the current best solutions to enhance the performance of your business app. A good number of downloads and positive ratings will improve your app's performance on both Play Store and App Store in terms of rankings and categorization.

  • Website & Online Store

The reputation of products on online platforms significantly influences consumer purchasing decisions. Pintarnya Digital Service is ready to assist you with in-depth and informative product reviews. Authentic positive reviews can grab the attention of potential buyers and increase your sales conversion rates.

We provide services ranging from online store reviews, marketplace reviews, Shopee ratings, Shopee reviews, Tokopedia reviews, Tokopedia ratings, all aimed at building customer trust in your online store.

  • Google Business

Looking for effective ways to enhance your business's online reputation? We offer a tailored solution - Professional Review Services designed to rapidly grow your business and build customer trust.

This includes positive reviews on Google Business through Google Business Review Services, positive reviews on marketplace platforms through Marketplace Review Services, creating reviews that vividly portray unique culinary experiences through Cafe & Restaurant Review Services, and boosting your Google Maps ranking through meaningful positive reviews via Google Maps Review Services.

Digital Activation

In the increasingly competitive marketing world, ensuring every penny spent by your business yields the best results is vital. This is why we introduce the concept of digital activation, which maximizes the impact of your expenditure for business growth.

Surveys & Acquisition

Expand your market reach and lead your industry in various ways. Pintarnya Digital Service offers comprehensive market research services including in-depth analysis of industry trends, consumer preferences, and competitors. With hundreds of thousands of talented freelancers, we provide relevant and valuable information for effective strategy formulation. Moreover, we can accommodate custom market research requests to meet your specific goals. We design appropriate methodologies to gather the information you need. Our offered market research services are of high quality, supported by our extensive freelancer network. Need opinions from potential customers?

We're also prepared with questionnaire distribution and data collection services, leveraging our experience in designing and disseminating effective questionnaires to gather insights and opinions from your potential customers. One of the effective methods to enhance awareness is through buzzer services. A buzzer is an individual who holds influence on social media and is capable of disseminating information to thousands, or even millions, of their followers. By collaborating with buzzers relevant to your industry, you can reach a wider and more relevant audience.

Things to Consider Before Using Pintarnya Digital Services
  1. Identify Your Goals
  2. Determine what you aim to achieve through increased awareness. Do you want to boost sales, introduce new products, or expand your customer base?

  3. Choose the Right Platform
  4. Based on the characteristics of your target audience, select the most suitable social media platform for your goals. Each platform has different demographics.

  5. Trust the Experienced
  6. Utilize the best crowd management practices to create a positive customer experience. A well-trained team can ensure smooth interactions with your brand.

  7. Analysis and Evaluation
  8. Regularly monitor the performance of your Marketing and Advertising Service campaigns. Analyzing data from these will help you understand what's working and what needs adjustment.